CMB Yachts: Freedom of the Sea and the Earth

Founded in 2006 in Antalya as a subsidiary of Başaran Investment Holding, CMB Yachts offers an experience beyond dreams for those who want to discover the unknown beauties of the sea and the world with its unique and innovative mega yachts that are custom built.

Beyond being a yacht building company; it produces mega yachts to offer sea enthusiasts not only a means of transportation but also a new lifestyle. Offering gateways not only to the sea but also to the world, yachts allow their owners to experience new cultures around the world, connect with nature and travel freely.

This philosophy of freedom behind CMB Yachts mega yachts will continue to produce unique and innovative mega yachts for sea lovers in the future and will continue to offer the freedom of the sea and the world to its customers as one of the most prestigious yacht manufacturers in the world.

Our MISSIONS Missions Guiding CMB Yachts Innovation and Technology

Innovation and Technology

We are always looking for new ways to improve our yachts, incorporating the latest technology and design features, offering reliable and unrivaled technology throughout the cruise.

The CMB47 series, which manages to maintain its own unique style while keeping up to date, has become a symbol of innovation with composite yachts with superior mechanical properties and value-adding advantages over traditional materials. With the developing world and technology, the use of composites, which are smart materials in yachts, has been optimized and solved a number of industrial problems in the production process, improving physical and mechanical properties in the use of energy and resources.

With a width of 8.95 meters and a length of 47.47 meters under 500 GT, our yachts are equipped with two 12V2000 main engines, offering spacious living areas in the superstructure and large spaces in technical areas such as the engine room with its ceiling height and volume. Our yachts, which can reach a maximum speed of 14 knots thanks to their powerful main engines, also offer an ideal fuel consumption with a cruising speed of 10 knots.

High Quality, Exceptional Performance

The CMB47 series of mega yachts are designed to deliver high levels of performance and quality, with the entire fleet built with proven engineering and the industry's best materials.

CMB Yachts has been cooperating with global brands such as GURIT, JOTUN, MTU, CAT, ABT TRAC, SANGUINETTI and OPACMARE for many years, ensuring that its yachts meet the highest quality and performance standards.

Timeless Consistency

Since 2006, as a shipyard that has reached the ease of mass production with the production of boats of the same size and similar models, our aim in our story is to be the first to come to mind as the pioneer and classic of its period.

We are proud and happy to bring together designers, managers, suppliers, service providers and the superyacht industry with the CMB47 series mega yachts, which have been sailing with their current owners for 15 years since the first day they met the water.


Each yacht is unique to its owner. We understand that you have different needs and desires in the interior and exterior design of your yacht, and we work with you to create a yacht that best suits your lifestyle.

Uncompromised Excellence

CMB Yachts believes that only perfection is good enough in the construction of its mega yachts. This belief, which is evident in every detail of the series, has taken on a unique look with the CMB47 series, designed by award-winning designer Espen Oeino, with Oeino's strong and sporty lines.

International Yachts Awards 2011 | Mystic ''Best motor yacht over 40 meters''

International Yachts Awards 2012 | Mina ''Best motor yacht over 50 meters''

International Yachts Awards 2013 | Orient Star ''Best motor yacht over 30 meters''

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