Commitment to Sustainability

We know that nature is an endless journey.

We are constantly researching and incorporating new technologies and applications for improved efficiency, alternative materials, energy and resource savings.

We adopt technological solutions to manage the entire lifecycle of products, from conception, design, design verification and simulation, prototyping, production, quality control, use and maintenance to reduce the environmental impact of products at the end of their life cycle.

By optimizing our boat designs, engine performance and propulsion systems, we aim to minimize fuel consumption and exhaust emissions with the SCR system, thus promoting sustainability on the water.

By using environmentally friendly composites, recycled or recyclable, sustainable materials in the construction process, we make energy and resource savings possible for both the shipyard and our yachts. In the wood production stages, we realize our production in a way to create minimum waste with the use of our technical infrastructure CNC. We recycle our production waste for reuse and prioritize minimizing environmental impact in the production process.

On our mega yachts we create areas for responsible garbage disposal, recycling and the use of pumping plants to prevent marine pollution, garbage storage areas and garbage separation.

We take care to design for environmentally friendly cruising and to promote the protection of the world's ecosystem, both in-house production and from the first moment our yachts are launched; we closely follow future superyacht solutions with thought leaders and specialized star-ups to improve the environmental sensitivity of our yachts.

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